Monday, August 23, 2010

My Holy Hackintosh Build and HowTo Guide

     I owned an Apple MacBook (2008) that was wonderful. It was a great machine and did its job well, but due to the MacBook processor's lack of core power to keep up with my over-clocked human brain, I would manage to max the poor thing out pretty quickly. So I wanted something powerful and at the same time not a pocket burner. Also, I didn't think it was a bad idea to try to outreach the hands of monopoly for once ;)
     hmm...Hackintosh? I settled with my old HP laptop for a while after selling my MacBook. If it wasn't for the Linux community out there (Thank you all so much, true life savers) I wouldn't be alive right now.
     It took much time and effort to finally find a build that works flawlessly. Here I bring you the product that I reaped, in the Holy Hackintosh HowTo Guide.

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