Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Site will be Relocating Soon

Hi everyone. This site will be moving soon to a new location with a better site hopefully. I will publish a post when that happens. Check in on this page or join the RSS feed to be notified.
There will be more Hackintosh fun and more media to use.

Join our project and contribute to the community with your experiences on Mozilla's Drumbeat. Project name: Hackintosh Corner.

Mac OS X 10.6.7 update

Apple has recently released an update 10.6.7 for OS X.

This update can be treated as 10.6.6.
If you are doing a fresh install, you can follow the Holy Hackintosh Guide using 10.6.7. If you are upgrading your current install, you can do that no problems. Just reinstall the AppleHDA.kext (Using Kext Utility, which might be already installed on your machine) to fix sound after upgrading.
You can find the AppleHDA.kext in step 5 in the My Holy Hackintosh Build or just click here.