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USB 3.0 on Mac OS X

Have USB 3.0 on your motherboard? Mac OS X does not have any native support for USB 3.0 by default rendering any USB 3.0 ports on your computer useless. LaCie have developed a driver you can download here. Install and restart then have fun :)

Benchmarking Mac OS X

After you've built your own machine with your own hands, I'm sure you want to put it to the test, scale it up against the other
So there are a few good Mac OS X Benchmarking tools (They are all cross-platform):
1. Geekbench: Probably the most popular.
2. Cinebench: Pretty cool as it tests Graphics Card performance (OpenGL) as well as CPU performance. 
3. OpenGL Extensions Viewer: Awesome Graphics Card performance tool, very nice.
Note: Benchmarking is always most accurate when run more than once and when run alone, with no other applications running.


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