Monday, September 6, 2010

Dual Booting OSX and Windows 7?

Dual Booting HowTo guide.
Windows is an inferior Operating System, but it does come by when you want to play a game that is only out for Windows, or you need to use a program that is Windows-based. Running Windows on VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop is fine and nice, but it will not cut it if you're running games or demanding software. Emulation has its limits, it can never out perform the actual full install running natively.
So if you are of the Hackintosh community and are proud of your Mac OS, but still need that inferiority, we have a solution...! Dual Booting. In this HowTo guide, I will explain how to achieve dual booting using the easiest way I found that works, while also not risking your data as much.

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